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Rules & Regulations

Ever wondered about the rules and regulations governing the peaceful co-existence of Palinggat Oord’s residents? Here you can view all the regulations covering residents’ behaviour, along with refuse removal and keeping of pets. In addition it advises about the entrance gate for visitors.


Palinggat Oord has 32 policy documents covering just about every aspect concerning owners, properties as well as office matters. Owners will undoubtedly find the information contained in these documents quite informative and worth knowing. It surely makes for some insightful reading.


Residents receive a quarterly newsletter compiled by the Palinggat Office. Through the platform, we regularly communicate with our residents and owners. These letters mainly contain feedback on Palinggat Oord matters as well as share future plans. Read them to stay informed at all times.

Paint project

Our periodic house painting project is progressing rapidly, thanks to efficient contractors. Since the project commenced in 2021, about 70% of the houses have been painted. Only a few still remain to be completed this year. The rest, along with the Office are on the cards for 2023 and onwards. Track the progress here.

Aluminium Window Frame Project

The project of gradually replacing wooden window frames in Palinggat Oord houses has been running for quite some time. Owners and the Resort share the cost 50/50. The budget can handle only 6 houses per annum, thus interested owners should file a request/application to be added to the waiting list.


Up to ddate legislation records of recent meetings…

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