Palinggat Oord

Palinggat Oord

Hall Rental

  1. Owners do not have to pay rent when using the hall for a private function from which they do not personally make a profit.
  2. Owners who want to use the hall for a dance, for example, where entrance fees are charged and the proceeds of which accrue to them personally, must pay hall rent.
  3. Owners must pay a deposit for crockery.
  4. Application forms must be completed for the rental of the hall.
  5. A deposit must be provided for breakage damage.
  6. Rental of hall fees:
    • Deposit: R600
    • Rental of hall – per day: R350
    • Rental of hall – portion of day (maximum four hours per event): R250
    • Hall rental plus kitchen – per day: R500
    • Hall rental plus kitchen – part of day: R400
    • Tables: R30 per table
    • Crockery per place setting: Tea: R5 | Main Meal: R10

Squash Court

  1. Tickets can be bought from the office for R50
  2. Play time is 20 minutes for R20
  3. Residents as well as the general public may use the court

Self Catering Accommodation

  1.  Sleeps up to six persons
  2. Three bedrooms, sharing one bathroom
  3. We provide bedding as well as bath towels
  4. Outdoor barbecue facilities
  5. Laundrette, along with swimming pools and a squash court
  6. Close to all amenities as well as the river mouth and western beach
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