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The road leading to the entrance into Palinggat Oord is across the street from the OK Grocers along Main Road West in Stilbaai.

Apart from the free standing sectional title houses, we also offers facilities for the use of residents. These include the community hall, squash court, swimming pools along with the laundrette.

For the convenience of residents, black, red and white refuse bags are available at the Office. Moreover, each house has a dedicated lockable box in the mail room. The Office Manager places all Post Office mail as well as any letter or notice from Management in these boxes. Residents in turn can collect these whenever they wish.

Moving with the times, we are gradually moving away from paper, thus we communicate with residents via email where possible. This way we save lots of money on paper and photocopying costs.

Owning a house in Palinggat Oord is affordable as well as a great investment. Our levies include maintenance such as cleaning gutters, exterior painting and fixing roof leaks. Also cutting grass in private garden areas, maintenance of the communal areas, etc.

A number of the more than 175 houses in the Resort are permanently inhabited by their owners or renters. Some owners make their properties available for holiday letting while many keep them solely for their own use.

Residents may keep a small pet subject to obtaining a permit first, and, of course, adherence to certain rules.

Excellent Location

The Palinggat Resort is undoubtedly one of the best placed residential areas in Stilbaai. Apart from its proximity to the OK Grocers across the street, it is also within walking distance of the Municipality, Community Hall, Library and Police Station.

Within a radius of 1km is the CBD, consisting of a wide variety of shops and other business enterprises, along with banks and OTMs. Also various service businesses such as hairdressers, beauty salons, lawyers, doctors, architects, vets, physiotherapists, and the like.

Right next to us, is the Jagersbosch facility. Using the northern pedestrian gate, you can walk to the Information Bureau and the Eel Fountain, or else down to the hiking trail alongside the Goukou River.

Moreover, the Resort is within 2km of the 9 hole golf course as well as the bowling green, western beach and the harbour.

Safety & Security

The entire Resort is surrounded by fencing with only one access point for vehicles in the from of palisade security gates. Each residence receives a remote device (for which he/she signs) for opening the gate. We keep strict control of these devices to prevent every Tom, Dick and Harry from entering the premises. Needless to say, the entrance gates are monitored by CCTV surveillance cameras all the time.

For the convenience of our residents there are four small strategically placed pedestrian gates for which each household has one key. One of these gates is outside the Office and opens by means of fingerprints. Again, these gates are watched by CCTV surveillance cameras at all times.


Palinggat Oord Stilbaai - Fotos van die Oord

Furthermore, along the streets as well as strategically placed in the communal areas between the houses, are lights. These lights burn throughout the night illuminating the entire village, thus adding to the safety and security of our residents.

Especially during the off-season when resident activity drops dramatically, kids can play and ride their bikes safely around the Resort. There is also a sturdy jungle gym in the swimming pool area for kids to enjoy. For the safety of the kids, it is, of course, outside the fence around the pool.

Meet the Team

Palinggat Oord Jaco Nepgen

Jaco Nepgen

Manager | Bestuurder

The Captain of the Ship, taking the responsibility for the efficient operation of the Resort very seriously. Connected, available, objective, always leading by example.

Palinggat Oord Magda Briedenham

Magda Briedenhann

Office Manager | Kantoor Bestuurder

The Face of Palinggat Oord. Indispensable, tremendously hands-on, efficient, reliable, helpful, friendly and also highly knowledgeable about the Resort and its Residents.

Palinggat Oord Michelle Jacobs

Michelle Jacobs

Financial Officer | Finansiële Beampte

Performing not only a mandatory, but also highly responsible function in the Palinggat Oord Office. Always having the financial affairs of the Resort upon her fingertips.

Palinggat Oord The Team

Maintenance Crew | Instandhoudingspan

Our valued Team of Handymen are of critical importance to the Resort. The Office Team, as well as the Residents reap the benefit of their maintenance skills and tireless efforts every day.

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